Growing Up in a Lesbian Home with Lara Lillibridge

Growing Up in a Lesbian Home with Lara Lillibridge There are a lot of stories rightfully celebrating great moms and what we learn from our own parents about how to be people and parents ourselves. There are fewer stories about what happens when our own upbringing teaches us what not do when we become parents ourselves.

However, this is the reality for many mothers. It's not as upbeat and cheerful as recounting the fantastic example your own mom set, but neither does it need to be shameful or embarrassing. As a child, Lara Lillibridge found that in other people's eyes, the most interesting thing about her wasn't about her at all; it was about her parents.

She has written Girlish: Growing Up in a Lesbian Home [April 2017; Skyhorse Publishing] to share the story about this and other aspects of her upbringing. The way she was parented shaped and scarred her at the same time, but not in the ways that people assume. While unconventional barely scratches the surface of describing Lillibridge's upbringing, the strange and scarring aspects of her childhood have nothing to do with her mothers' sexual orientation.

It is rather her step-mother's mental illness, her father's “off the grid” lifestyle and serial divorces, and the fact that none of the adults in her life are equipped to raise a well-adjusted child. She is currently working on her next book which focuses on the upbringing of her own child.

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