How to Raise Strong Daughters with Jeffery Halter from Father of a Daughter Initiative

Daddy Blogger Podcast Interview about How to Raise Strong Daughters with Jeffery Halter from Father of a Daughter Initiative Calling all fathers! As Mother's Day is quickly approaching, I thought you might be interested in speaking with diversity expert and author--and dad of daughter with granddaughter--Jeffrey Halter. Halter, president of YWomen and the leading male expert on advancing women and engaging men, says “Let's make Mother's Day a day of real action for all women." Jeff wrote a HuffPost piece, Hey Men! This Mother's Day Do Something for your Mothers, Wives and Daughters.

Stand-up for Women. At that time he noted, “Men need to stand-up regarding pay equity and advancing women—they owe it to their working spouses and their daughters to demand equitable opportunity.” Jeff can discuss how dads and men can stand up and make a difference: Women earn less. Women make on average $.79 cents to men for the same work. This has a compounding effect on families and the economy of $430,000's over the lifetime of a woman's career. Men (by-in-large) run the companies. Senior leadership in most companies (still 85% men) are not engaged.

Every CEO has the information on pay equity and pipeline demographics. And as long as women are the only one's talking about these issues there is no reason to change. Connecting men to the women in their life. Unfortunately, most men never make the connection between advocating for women and the impact this will have on their daughters when they enter the workforce. My generation of men wanted to raise strong daughters. Whether it was sports or the arts, we supported our daughters. We ensured they went to great schools. But when they graduate and are only offered $.79 for the same job my son is making $1.00 we choose to do nothing. This is why men need to stand up today. We owe it to our daughters.

How to take action —today. Jeff can offer 10 simple steps men can take in the workplace to stand up for the women in their lives. Dads can select an action or two to do by the end of the month.

Thank you for watching our video.

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