Tips for Writing a Kids Book with Andre Wahner from Eddie's Alien Adventure

Digital Nomad Mastery - Podcast Interview about Tips for Writing a Kids Book with Andre Wahner from Eddie's Alien Adventure MORE ABOUT THE BOOK: What's so unique about my books you might ask? Well, my children's book series is for children ages 4 to 16. How is that even possible you might ask? I will tell you how - the series starts off with four picture books that evolve into a middle-grade novel and then into a young adult novel.

The story will grow alongside the children that read it. The story follows a young boy named Eddie, who is lonely and struggling to make friends. In his imagination, he breaks free from the confines of real life and goes on an adventure through space. On his journey, he befriends an alien boy named Freddy. By the end of the story, Eddie finds that the line between reality and imagination has become blurred, leaving him unsure where his life will take him next.

That storyline makes up the four children's books, all illustrated by Andrew McIntosh. The middle-grade novel picks up five years after the first books left off as Eddie tries to uncover what really happened to him during his adventure and what was imaginary. The YA novel continues four years after that, with Eddie now fully immersed in an outer space adventure.

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